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Residential Construction

Somerset is committed to building your personalized home customized to your needs and desires. The project begins with helping clients in reviewing the feasibility, design and permit approvals. Our team will walk you through all of the steps with the explanations and support that you require. We will include you in the planning and design process and our team will execute the construction in a timely and efficient manner. The project is not complete until your needs are completely satisfied, so we take great pride in perfecting all finalizing’s to ensure a flawless project.


Strong communication with our clients is important to Somerset to ensure we keep you happy and informed each and every step of the way.


Residential Renovation

Home Exterior Detailing and Renovations - Somerset’s experience, professionalism and dedication to the Client and Project is unparallel.


We take pride in all of our work and excel in our strong construction and management skills, including planning, scheduling, tendering, contract administration and financial control.


Complexity is our strength and we won't stop until your expectations are exceeded.


Interior Renovation

Somerset will manage all aspects of your project to give your home a modern and personalized look that your family will enjoy for years, focusing on the functionality, colour, look and feel, material selections, lighting details and all finishes.


We ensure our clients' expectations are not only met, but exceeded. Our qualified team is skilled at understanding your needs and vision while keeping the essence of your home, so your renovation completes your home and matches your dreams.

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