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— A.Karabus, Toronto

"The quality of every single trade on the Somerset team was exceptional. They patiently listened to my questions and suggestions and incorporated them where possible. Where it was helpful they even recommended I visit the material suppliers to learn more. This really added to the value of the process. Graeme Sperber was an excellent coach throughout the project and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. In addition to the “curb appeal” of my home now being massively improved, It feels good every time I arrive at my home from being away. The unsolicited positive comments from neighbours and passersby also reinforce the success of the project. On another note, they were extremely transparent and did not surprise me with any “ hidden” extra costs. Their only objective was for me to be happy, rather than to pass on as many extras as possible the way many other contractors typically do.


I would recommend Somerset to anyone who wants to modernize their home."

At Somerset, we strive to go above and beyond to serve our clients in every way possible, behind the scenes and visibly. 


Somerset’s office staff, project coordinators and field staff assist projects with all office administration, field administration, coordination and execution, resulting in a successful team to deliver the completed product for our clients.

We would be happy to provide more client testimonials upon request.

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